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Hairdressing scenes

The VIP Idle Hand Collective Experience

Boomboxes and barbershops, shredding and shearingThe east coast festival circuit was certainly plentiful this past season — a balanced mix of seasoned veterans like Boston Calling with new creations like Asbury Park’s Sea.Hear.Now…

Student Reinvents Your Morning Routine

Sara AlexanderA woman’s hair is her pride and joy, but how much time do you have to spend on it? In a recent survey, women were asked how long they spend styling their hair on a daily basis. It was concluded 48% spend less than 10…

Is Laser Hair Removal Right for You?

There are many female and males who face the problem of large amounts of body hair. Modern trends suggest the almost complete absence of hair on the female body apart from the head. Unfortunately, some females have too many male hormones…

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