The Best Beard Care Products Under $20 to Style and Care for Your Beard


Keeping your beard suave doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Whether your new beard was intentional or a quarantine accident, we’ve rounded up the best beard care products under $20 to keep you looking fresh. These beard grooming accessories will help you achieve the envy-worthy beard you’ve always wanted.

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Packed with nutrients, beard oil is a must-have for all beards because it keeps hair soft and healthy. Apply a small drop of beard oil daily to keep your whiskers glowing and easy to maintain.

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This is a great beginner kit for beard maintenance. Ideally, you want to use a boar’s hair brush to untangle any knots or matted hair. Use a boar’s hair brush to also help distribute beard oil or beard balm evenly into your locks. Both the brush handle and comb are made out of beechwood, which is a long-lasting wood. Use the comb for tiny snags the brush can’t grab or as a

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What’s the difference between beard oil and beard balm? Both are beneficial for your hair but beard balm also comes with the benefit of shaping and styling your beard for the day. If your beard tends to be unruly, try using balm in the morning and then applying beard oil to your freshly cleaned hair at night.

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Philips Norelco beard trimmer is one of the most affordable and well-rated electric groomers out there. With 13 attachments included, you can keep your beard looking professionally groomed, while also keeping hair, nose and unwanted facial hair at bay. For even more reviews and deals on beard trimmers, see our full list of favorites here.

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Hate the beard itch? Cremo Beard & Scruff Softener solves that pesky issue while also softening your beard. One reviewer raved, “My husband absolutely loves this. He always complained how growing out his beard made it itchy and rough. He uses this every night now his beard is soooo soft and smells good.”

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The Finex Heated Beard Comb boasts that you can style your beard in under three minutes. Beard combs and beard straighteners are useful for keeping side hair flat against your face, straightening wavy or curly facial hair and adding volume to your beard.

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Does beard growth oil actually work? While no beard growth oil can change your genetics, Wild Willie Beard Growth Serum can help your beard come in less patchy and appear fuller. Over 31 reviewers on Walmart’s website have said this serum has helped. Even higher-rated are Wild Willies Beard Growth Supplement, which is worth checking out if you need growth assistance.

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Great beard care is also great skincare. This plant-based beard wash helps remove dirt, debris and clean your beard. It is oil-free and silicone-free, so you won’t have to worry about it clogging your pores.

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