Prophet’s Beard – Anhad ka Baaja


Be careful with your beard, laddie
Don’t let it grow too long
There are all these bad cops, laddie
Seeking to right perceived wrongs

They’ll drag you by the beard, laddie
Notwithstanding your screams and shouts
They’ll pummel you to their hearts’ content, laddie
Don’t you have any doubts

You’d do well to sport a tilak, laddie
Proclaim your Hindu-ness from on high
It’s better than any pass or app, laddie
You can beat the lockdown if you try

We are no country for Muslims, laddie
There, I have said it out loud
Many are thinking it in their heads, laddie
And, oh, so many are feeling proud

You are lucky if you are a lawyer, laddie
You have the wherewithal to file a case
But for the likes of you and me, laddie
It’s better to have a clean-shaven face

To all my Muslim brothers, laddie
(I use that word with care)
This has happened on my watch, laddie
And all I can do is share

The travails of being Muslim, laddie
In a country riven by hate
So I’ll grow a beard as long as the Prophet’s, laddie
And leave the rest to Allah and to fate

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