Rapper Bugzy Malone injured after crashing motorised trike in Bury


Witnesses reported that Grimes rapper Aaron Davies, better known by his stage name Bugzy Malone, crashed his motorized trike in Bury, Greater Manchester. A video has emerged of a biker in an orange jacket, supposedly the musician, riding his motor vehicle while his friends in a car record him taking off. A closed-circuit television camera nearby recorded the same man crashing his vehicle into an Audi A4. Emergency services arrived and took the injured motorist to the hospital.

CCTV footage on the road recorded the car pulling out from a side road. Davies’ motor vehicle is seen smashing onto the side of the unsuspecting car at high speed. Upon collision, the rider of the motorcycle is seen being flung into the air before landing on the road.

A video shared by a passer-by showed the rider wearing an orange jacket on the ground. Witnesses and the driver of the car called emergency services. Police cordoned off the area of the accident and an ambulance rushed Davies to a hospital. The condition of the Manchester-based musician and the driver of the Audi remain unknown. Representatives of the rapper have not released any statement regarding the accident.

A local grocery shopkeeper and his brother told The Sun that they broke coronavirus lockdown rules to help out the accident victim.

Brothers Waqas Mahmood and Shahbaz Arif Mahmood were working in the grocery shop when they witnessed the crash. Both ran out to help the accident victims. 34-year-old Waqas stated that he rushed to check on the motorcycle rider as he had been tossed from his vehicle.

When Waqas asked his name, he said he was Aaron Davies. The shopkeeper helped Davies by unzipping his jacket to allow him to breath. Davies called his partner with the help of Waqas and she arrived within 20 minutes of the crash.

Based on statements from the witnesses, the driver of the vehicle was not injured. Davies, however, was bleeding from his nose and head. Reports suggest the musician suffered an injury to his leg as well.

Greater Manchester police confirmed that there was a crash before 9:20 pm on Wednesday night at Rochdale Road in Bury. They also confirmed the vehicles involved were an Audi car and a quadbike.

Rapper Bugzy Malone reportedly injured in an on-road collision.
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