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A step into the past…

Sticking to our retro theme this month, we talk to Tamara Zizkovsky and Florian Zizkovsky, Owners of Good Old Soul barbershop. We take a step back into the past and see another level of traditional barbering, finding out all about their inspiration behind this old school barbers.

After opening in November 2018, Good Old Soul barbershop has been received tremendously well by their clients.  With countless compliments, Owners Tamara and Florian Zizkovsky explained: “The design of our shop was, of course, extremely important to the both of us.  We wanted clients to walk in the doors and immediately feel comfortable and at ease. It is important to us that the customers can enjoy their time here.”

When it was time to choose the style of the barbershop, Tamara and Florian knew exactly what they wanted. They explained: “Our inspiration for the interior came from our love for 1930s movies. We appreciate the old things, each piece in our shop is unique in its own way. The barbershop is in one of the oldest buildings in Baden too, which works well with our style.”

Tamara and Florian wanted to include something that had never seen before in their barbershop. They have several small items that scream 1930s, but they wanted more. As soon as you step into the barbershop, your eyes immediately drift to the Hot Rod Ford 1931 model, which ultimately brings another level of class to the barbershop, completing the overall look: “Some people think that we photo-shop the car into our pictures and when they see him for the first time, they can’t believe that he is actually in the shop.”

Tamara and Florian both believe that everyone deserves to feel comfortable and at home in their barbershop, to experience a luxury service and to be able to spoil themselves. This is a driving factor for why they have both tried their very best to come up with all the little things their clients will appreciate. Upon arrival, clients are welcomed with a beverage of their choice and can feel relaxed whilst sitting on a comfortable sofa, listening to old school music and chatting to the owners.

Spending some time bringing your vision to life could really take your barbershop to the next level. We love hearing from you, so tag us in your images on Instagram @thebarbermagazine

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