Nene Leakes And Kandi Burruss Go Head To Head On Social Media


Nene Leakes and Kandi Burruss are in a feud that no one saw coming. Kandi is one of the first women that Nene made amends with during this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta but now the two are sure to face off at the reunion.

It seems to all have started with Leakes taking offense to some of the snarky remarks Burruss made during her confessionals. This catapulted when she saw Kenya Moore and the singer calling out her and Porsha Williams for rekindling their friendship after speaking so lowly of each other.

Kenya and Kandi explained during the after show that Williams was the main cast member that didn’t want anything to do with Nene.

Porsha and Nene have not only made up but they solidified their sisterhood on social media after seeing the shade thrown their way.

The Glee alum commented on a RHOA fan page: ‘Don’t get it twisted, I don’t have an issue with Kandi. It appears that she every season has nasty hateful things to say about me always in her confessionals.She always support those who appear to be against me. Years ago i said ‘i see you’ and left it there years agoooo. You never see me in my confessionals talking about Kandi.’

The Xscape member clapped back with: ‘I can’t tell she doesn’t have an issue with me. She been steady talking about me lately & we haven’t had an argument the entire season. What have I said about her other than the joke I made about the ladies at her luncheon not being her real friends??? & I wasn’t the only one on the episode who joked about it so what’s her real issue? Go ahead & play victim… Nobody cares.’


To which Nene responded that Kandi was struggling to find drama with someone for a storyline. Burruss hit back that Nene didn’t make it into all the episodes.

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