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The increasing severity of the coronavirus outbreak (officially Covid-19) has moved beyond just a risk to health, as it begins to impact stock markets around the world and the way businesses undertake their commercial activities.

Despite the relatively low number of cases in the UK, employers with globally connected workforces will need to monitor the impact of the outbreak and take steps to protect their employees where necessary.

Tina Chander, Head of Employment Law at law firm Wright Hassall explains: “Employers have to consider how best to mitigate the risks facing their employees and the organisation as a whole, whilst addressing issues like sick leave when dealing with cases of quarantine and self-isolation.

“Employers should note the advice given by official bodies and ensure that this is shared across the organisation. Guidance on issues such as hand-washing, disposing of tissues, etc., should be shared via the most effective means dependent on the workplace; email, calls, meetings, whatever works.

“With little sign of the outbreak subsiding, employers may also need to consider steps to allow home working and remember the duty of care they owe employees under UK health and safety law, should an individual who has been advised to self-isolate, not be prevented from entering the workplace.”

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