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Singer Pink made some headlines when she tweeted a letter to herself, pledging not to have plastic surgery. I’m not sure what prompted this treatise on self-love, though. Pink turned 40 in September so maybe she’s been taking some time to reflect back on her years and consider the future. Whatever it was, she sent this series of tweets, telling herself that she would age and look different, but it didn’t matter because her talent was more important to her than her face:

I have no problem with Pink’s thoughts on her aging. I also have no problem with plastic surgery and Botox. I don’t think there is a right way to age or a wrong way to age. I know how I am choosing to do it, but my decision doesn’t reflect at all on those who is choose to age a different way. I did laugh a little at Pink mentioning her nose getting bigger because I mentioned how bulbous I found my aging nose last Saturday. Instead of a declaration of support, however, my family spent the rest of the day claiming they could not see various landmarks because, “Mom’s bulbous nose is in the way.”

I appreciate Pink’s comments about how she’s focused more on her talent than her face – as they pertain to her. But I don’t think it’s an either/or. A person can enjoy both their talent and their appearance. Again, everything Pink said is valid, I understand wanting an expressive face and accepting that she’s made choices like smoking that have given her lines. And I appreciate that she prefers her aged face to one assisted with cosmetic surgery. But as this seemingly was posted without provocation by some troll, it sounds like she’s shaming those who don’t chose her method of aging.

Kelly Clarkson weighed in on Pink’s thought with her signature Kelly humor. She agreed to also age naturally, but that she’d leave the high-wire act to Pink:

I do adore Kelly. Her talk show, not so much, but her I adore. I will avoid the aerial acrobatics as well, although I can definitely see tutus in my waning years. And I have no idea what my face will look like. Maybe my nose will bug me enough that I will want to alter it or maybe I learn how to contour and highlight properly. Maybe I find a plumping cream that fills in my eyebrow crease or maybe I’ll name each line and wish them a pleasant morning when I see them. The only thing I can assure anyone is that I will do what I can to make myself happy as I move along down my path. And I hope you all do the same, whatever that is.

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