Angelina Jolie – Source Reveals How She Reacted To Brad Pitt Throwing Shade At Their Failed Relationship In His SAG Awards Acceptance Speech!


As it turns out, Angelina Jolie knows what Brad Pitt not so subtly referenced in his SAG Awards acceptance speech. But how does she feel about it?

You may have noticed what the actor had to say about the type of character he had to portray in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Pitt pretty much joked that it was an easy role for him since he could relate.

His exact words were: ‘Let’s be honest, it was a difficult part…guy who gets high, takes his shirt off and doesn’t get along with his wife,’ seemingly suggesting he already was all that in his real life.

So how did his former wife react to his speech?

One source close to her tells HollywoodLife that Jolie has been trying her best to keep a ‘peace of mind.’

At the same time, she is not too interested in what he had to say.

‘Angelina doesn’t watch awards shows and neither do her kids. It’s never been of interest to them or something they talk about and that’s a good thing because she would not want the kids watching Brad’s speech.’

Indeed, many who did watch it felt like he was trying to throw some shade at Angelina or rather, make a self-deprecating joke about his failed marriage.

Brad also joked that he would add the new achievement, winning the award for best supporting male actor, to his Tinder profile since he’s single and has seemingly been so since 2016 when he and Jolie filed for divorce.


The source also said that ‘In order to maintain her peace of mind she makes a very conscious choice to avoid reading things online about herself or Brad or their divorce, Angie doesn’t look for drama and is focused on her kids and her work, the rest of it is just noise.’

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