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At 13, Barron Trump is now as tall as his 6’3″ dad Donald. The rarely seen first son looked like an adult man when he accompanied his parents as they left the White House en route to Florida.

Barron Trump sure had an early growth spurt. The rarely seen 13-year-old first son joined his dad Donald, 73, and mom Melania, 49, as they departed the White House on Nov. 26 en route to Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday. The trio walked across the South Lawn to Marine One, which flew the family to Andrews Air Force Base where they boarded Air Force One. Barron looked like a full-grown adult man instead of a young teen, as he already is as tall as his 6’3″ father. He wore a blue shirt, blue windbreaker over it and jeans. Even his facial features no longer are that of a teen but of a young man.

It seems like every time we see Barron he just keeps getting taller. When he walked alongside his dad in the Jan. of 2017 presidential inaugural parade he was already quite tall for his age, but he came up to his father’s shoulder and still had the face of a boy. Now he’s on the verge of nearly towering over him. At 13, he’s still growing!

Barron was last seen with his parents in August when he returned to the White House with his parents after a stay at his father’s Bedminster Golf Club in New Jersey. His parents have done their best to keep him out of the public eye despite their high profiles, allowing him to live as normal a life as any child could while living in the White House with a father who is president.

Barron Trump, 13, stands even with his 6’3″ father Donald Trump as they leave the White House bound for Florida on Nov. 26, 2019.
Barron Trump, Donald Trump, Melania Trump
Rarely seen First Son Barron Trump, 13, looks like a grown man as he accompanies his parents while leaving the White House for Florida’s Mar-a-Lago where they will spend the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Earlier in the day President Trump did the annual pardoning of Thanksgiving turkeys, with this year’s gobblers named Bread and Butter. The Trumps will first head to a campaign rally in Sunrise, Florida before arriving in West Palm Beach to spend the Thanksgiving holiday and weekend at Mar-a-Lago.

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