bitchy | Don Trump Jr. was booed at his sad book event because he’s not racist enough


I sometimes wonder if racists sit out there and wonder why they can’t just come out and use the old, traditional words to describe themselves. Why not come out of the closet and just say “yes, I am a racist, an anti-Semite, a hateful Nazi and a bigot.” But everything is about branding these days, and racist tools want to make everything so cute now that they’re being normalized by the New York Times on the reg. Well, guess what “cute” name the Nazis have chosen now? Now they’re calling themselves groypers. And the groypers were the ones… booing Don Trump Jr. recently. If you can’t keep up, that’s the whole purpose.

A group of alt-right and “dissident right” activists have joined forces with neo-Nazis and others on the far-right fringes to attack conservatives who they feel aren’t true conservatives, both online and in person. Sunday, for instance, members of this group heckled Donald Trump Jr. at an event in California. And conservative speakers have been beset by the “groypers” at events in Texas, Tennessee and Arizona as well.

This group, which calls itself the “groyper army” — “groyper” being a reference to a meme of Pepe the Frog, itself a meme overtaken by the alt-right — purports to be supporting “traditional values” within conservatism, like immigration restrictionism. And it argues that relatively mainstream conservative student groups like Turning Point USA need to be confronted because they are shutting down “socially conservative Christians and supporters of President Trump’s agenda” and promoting “degeneracy” by having gay speakers.

This “groyper army” targets what it has termed “Conservative Inc,” a collective epitomized by conservative speakers like pundit Ben Shapiro, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, Rep. Dan Crenshaw, conservative writer Jonah Goldberg, and even Trump Jr., as well as conservative student organizations including Turning Point USA and Young Americans for Freedom.

Beyond the sort of heckling Trump faced, the network’s tactics usually focus on asking speakers specific and very leading questions about Israel, immigration, and LGBTQ issues within conservatism, hoping to elicit answers that reveal the speaker’s “fake conservatism.” “Real conservatism” being defined essentially as an emphasis on ethnic and racial characteristics as determinants for immigration coupled with an isolationist foreign policy and a “traditional” stance on LGBTQ issues. These tactics have gotten support from some mainstream right-leaning pundits who advocate for extreme restrictions on immigration, like Michelle Malkin.

In reality, the “groyper army” is simply the alt-right of 2016 and 2017, warmed over, reenergized and using new terminology aimed at disassociating itself from the “optics” problem caused by the tremendous failure of 2017’s Unite the Right Rally, which ended in the murder of a young woman. Its leaders and advocates are racists and Holocaust deniers, its message boards wax rhapsodic about the man who perpetrated the Christchurch mass shooting, and the questions it presents to conservative speakers are based on anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and “white genocide” fears. As one source told me after a Turning Point USA event beset by “groypers,” “I did not know there were this many racists out there.”

[From VOX]

While this is terrifying and vomitous, I will always enjoy when tax-cut-and-spend conservatives have to come face-to-face with the racist genie they’ve been letting out of the bottle for decades. For decades now, establishment-Republicans have been playing footsie with the racists and anti-Semites and they’ve been empowering each other and intermingling and now what we get is this: a fight for the racist, Aryan purity of the GOP. Anyway, that’s why Don Trump Jr. and his Botox Bitch girlfriend were heckled during their book tour. Kimberly’s reaction was… to yell at those racist morons and tell them to go get laid. Huh.

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