Camille Grammar Back To RHOBH Because Of This Reason — Cast Already ‘Not Looking Forward’ To Filming With Her!


During the season nine reunion, Camille Grammar made even more enemies out of her castmates than she did when filming. So the Real Housewives of Beverly Hill producers decision was mind-boggling to both the stars and fans of the series.

It turns out that this may have been the last resort. Those close to the production team have revealed the real reason why they have Camille coming back and it’s exactly why’d you think — to stir up trouble!

There have been multiple reports that with the exit of Lisa Vanderpump and the introduction of two newbies, the cast is getting along too well.

Bravo executives saw a rough cut of what has been filmed so far and are not happy about it. The series is lacking drama, cliques, and arguments which is making it completely lackluster.

An insider told Hollywood Life: ‘There was not a plan to bring back Camille Grammer to RHOBH until recently because things have been slow. All of the ladies are getting along, and they knew Camille would spice things up a bit, which the show needs right now. Plus, everyone is getting along.’

They also explained why it was believed that newcomer Garcelle Beauvais was going to bring it this season but the actress didn’t do as expected.

‘The producers thought Garcelle would have trouble getting along with certain cast members because she’s got such a strong personality, but that’s not the case. The ladies are all getting along great and there hasn’t been a single fight yet. They know that’ll change with Camille coming back. Camille is great for TV and drama.’

Unsurprisingly, the women are not looking forward to filming with her. It’s said that none of them have spoken to her since she stormed off set during the reunion taping.


Do you think Camille is what RHOBH needs to spice things up?

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