The annual, month-long fundraiser where men grow a moustache (or other facial hair!) to raise money for men’s charities has now been in action for over a decade, with millions having taken part.

Get Groomed eliminates the stressful travel to and from barbershops and every problem in between, by bringing specialised, professional barbering right to a client’s doorstep. Here, they share 5 things you probably didn’t know about Movember.

1. Not just about cancer – although cancer is perhaps its most common cause, the aim of Movember is to bring attention to many men’s health issues such as depression and more. The hope is that, with greater awareness, will come a better chance at prevention!

2. Not just for men – there’s a sister event to Movember called No-Shave November which encourages anyone – men or women – to donate the money they would have spent in grooming costs to cancer societies.

3. Start clean – men are supposed to shave their face at the beginning of November before letting the hair grow out throughout the rest of the month. This is a great opportunity for men to experiment with their facial hair, all in the name of a great cause.

4. Global movement – Movember started in Australia in 2003 but has since spread all over the world. The non-profit Movember Foundation has generated campaigns in over 20 countries and continues to gain support and traction.

5. Original Movember – it may surprise you to know that the original Movember had absolutely nothing to do with men’s health. It all started when a couple of Australians in a pub wondered why men didn’t grow moustaches anymore. They created Movember as a holiday to celebrate their favourite, underappreciated form of facial hair.

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