bitchy | New footage of Prince Harry holding Archie revealed in ‘African Journey’ trailer


This coming Sunday, ITV will air a special documentary on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s African tour. They allowed ITV cameras to trail them during parts of the tour, and there is some fun, behind-the-scenes footage of Archie and Harry and Meghan. Here’s the trailer, which was released yesterday:

Everyone’s talking about Harry holding Archie while Meghan kisses the baby. It’s super-cute. They’re such proud parents. Harry seems quite comfortable holding Archie too, which is no surprise. Harry has always loved babies and kids. The documentary is called Harry and Meghan: An African Journey and it will air this Sunday at 9 pm in the UK. I don’t think Americans will get to see it? Oh well. Even though this promises “behind the scenes” footage, I would not expect to see much about the final day in South Africa. That was when the press was freaking out because Meghan’s lawsuit against the Daily Mail was announced. My guess is that Harry and Meghan were not allowing ITV’s cameras into that part of the behind-the-scenes discussion.

One more thing: the Sussexes have put such an emphasis on their SussexRoyal Instagram. They’ve made big announcements there and revealed new information and new photos and videos. They also intersperse the newsy ‘grams with “inspirational quotes.” Well, yesterday they posted an inspo quote from Maya Angelou. And there was a typo. The first “women” should be “woman.” They didn’t take it down and correct it as of this morning. Deep sigh. I’m saying this as someone who really likes Harry and Meghan, but there are too many amateurish mistakes like this on their Instagram. And they might want to cut down on the inspo quotes. You know who else does a lot of inspo quotes? Khloe Kardashian. Only she’ll correct that sh-t if she makes a typo.

Photos courtesy of Instagram, Backgrid.

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