bitchy | Queen Elizabeth opened Parliament & the Imperial crown hitched a ride ahead of her


Queen Elizabeth II opened Parliament today. It’s a thing that happens every damn year but every year, I guess people tune in to see the Queen look grumpy AF in a full state-ceremony gown (in the middle of the day!). For decades, the Queen wore the Imperial State Crown to the opening of Parliament, but in recent years, the crown is literally too heavy for her head, so she opts for the Diamond Diadem tiara. That’s what she wore today. But because people come to see the actual CROWN, the crown had to come along too. Did… the crown… travel in its own carriage? I think it did. And check out this fussy crown business:

The BBC commentary really sells this. The crown gets ANOTHER cushion when it’s inside. Bless it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that all of this pomp and custom has a purpose. But from the outside looking in, my lord. British peeps, how can you stand it? Anyway, the Queen looked…small and tired. Charles looked fine. I spy Camilla off to the side too, looking bored.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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