Jenelle Evans Addresses Rumors She’s Expecting Again – Is She Actually Pregnant This Time Around?


Rumors that Jenelle Evans is expecting her fourth child are going around again and the former Teen Mom insists nothing has changed since the last time she denied them! Jenelle is not a big fan of speculations regarding her personal life and family.

After seeing a new pic of Jenelle, one fan commented: ‘You look like you’ve got a baby bump lol carbs or nah?’

Rather than offend her, the user’s comment rather amused Jenelle who played along saying that it’s indeed, ‘Straight carbs. But I’ll start working out soon. Eventually lmao.’

As mentioned before, this isn’t even the first time Jenelle is addressing pregnancy rumors.

It was over Labor Day weekend that she, her husband David Eason and the kids attended a wedding so she just had to post some family pics from the ceremony.

Soon enough, followers started commenting on her slight belly, wondering if there was a new bun in the oven.

Seeing this, Jenelle got straight to the point in the caption, editing it to read: ‘Not pregnant, just fat.’

It makes sense that she would not be in a hurry to add to the family since she’s focusing on being a good mother to the kids she already has.

After all, she went through a custody battle that still gives her nightmares.

The fired Teen Mom star needs to be careful if she doesn’t want to lose them again, perhaps for good this time around.


While chatting with HollywoodLife, she told via the outlet’s podcast that ‘Sometimes, like I said, I have bad dreams of [Child Protective Services] coming, knocking on my door and saying, ‘Give me your kids,’ just for no reason. I’ve been trying to my best to just be the best mom I can.’

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