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Hair can determine your identity, it visualises your personality, and it gives you confidence. But what if the hair was taken away from you?

Hair loss can take many people by surprise, it could be hereditary, through medical conditions, and sometimes it can happen for no reason at all. It’s all about making your client feel themselves again, read below to find out how.
Daniel Granger started hairdressing at the young age of 13, he practiced and enhanced his skills on his friends and family, this led to him deciding to open his own salon at 20 years old.

“I can passionately say I love what I do, and I encourage my team to work to this motto. They find their thing, their inspiration, their passion and they go with it – they absolutely love what they do.” Daniel adds.
Daniel has always been driven by the idea of creating something practical yet beautiful.

“The Christmas after my father passed, at the age of fourteen, I was given a pair of clippers, with the intention of saving money by cutting hair from home. This gave me a purpose. After getting to grips with the basics it became clear I could create every day, I could sculpt and craft with the same artistic ideals, but the positive re-enforcement I received from family and friends after a cut was instant and addictive.” Says Daniel.
Daniels determination to help his clients with self confidence and self-love is something that has pushed him through his career.

“As a global Educator and Schwarzkopf Ambassador, I aim to inspire and motivate fellow hairdressers of all levels, from those who haven’t even picked up a pair of scissors before to the seasoned, salon veteran, on the fundamentals of hairdressing – essential skills to advanced cutting techniques.” He adds.
“There is an energy in the art of hairdressing which is so often forgotten.” “I’ve always been one to take on new challenges outside of my comfort zone. My clients drive me to want to help and fix their desperations where I can. And if I don’t know how, I will always find a way.” Says Daniel.

Daniel has been on our television screens helping clients build their confidence and hope to change their life. His work has been shown on both ‘Great British Hairdresser’ and most recently ‘Body Fixers’.
“Many of my clients have problems with their hair. My aim is to work with them to restore their confidence and to understand their story and how we can create a beautiful look that is exactly what they have dreamt of – that gives them back their identity and opportunity to let their personality shine.” Adds Daniel.
Hair replacement systems are something I have always been interested in. A way of making my clients who felt there was no options left feel beautiful and confident again.”

Like any profession, you’re constantly developing and enhancing your skills. This was the same for Daniel, he fitted his first ever ladies’ wig on ‘The Great British Hairdresser’ TV show in 2008, where the challenge was to fit and restyle a wig on a live model under tight time constraints. Daniel admits it wasn’t his finest wig, however he found the confidence he needed in wig fitting almost instantly.

“My techniques have developed over the years, and my unique way of creating, fitting and styling a perfect bespoke hair replacement system continues to develop with every one of my lovely clients. No two clients are the same, and therefore no two wigs are the same.” He says. ‘Practice makes perfect’. “I’ve learnt the only way to perfect something is to put the time and practice in and learn from my clients. I started offering to help people in need at no cost to them, in order to improve and practice the techniques.” Daniel adds.

The first male hair system Daniel fitted was also on national TV, on E4’s Body Fixers. The system took a little longer than a female wig, which is what he was used to, however his result was beyond incredible, and the rewards were well worth the extra time taken to perfect the final look.
Hair loss can be one of the most distressing side effects of alopecia, medical treatments such as chemotherapy, PCOS or hormone treatments.”

Knowing how to and feeling confident in handling a wig is the most important thing. Every head is different, every client, every story, every wig. The responsibility of fitting their wig is a big commitment, being able to help a client who you’ve either know for a long time, or who has just walked through your salon door, who is suffering with alopecia or hair loss from a medical condition is incredibly rewarding.
“Never feel you’re not good enough to help someone. My training course ‘Confidence’ is focussed on hair replacement systems, showing you real life stories of my clients, and the difference a wig/replacement system can make to their life. I share with you the variations in hair replacement systems, source of hair, techniques, from consultation through to fitting and ongoing maintenance, and how to make the business work for you, your salon and your clients.” Says Daniel.

Daniel understand there is guaranteed results in his hair systems and wigs, he now has clients use them to cover thinning or balding hair in certain areas.
“Sadly, there are a lot of companies out there that may exploit people in their hardest most vulnerable time, and I want to share how to make this service available in peoples local salons with their trusted stylists and friends who are just there to help them.
“I have specialist bespoke techniques I have tried and developed over time, which in a nutshell includes and in depth consultation with my client, measuring the scope of the replacement system, creating a bespoke custom made piece for the client, fitting the piece, styling the piece, and ongoing maintenance the client can do themselves at home.” Daniel says.

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