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Hey Britzie’s I hope you’re all having a spectacular day! I am I the only one that is totally crushing on the new beard trend? I guess not as you will see later on in this post.

The other day I was on my way home when my beard crush (Yes, I have a beard crush…No it is not weird at all!) walked past me and I realized that he had shaved off his long full beard and was now rocking a medium stubble. Yes, he looked good but my first thought was…”How could he do this to me?” I soon came to my senses and laughed at myself for feeling so betrayed by a man that does not know I exist and that was when I thought about how women obsess about men with beards these days. Let’s be honest though a beard is the male equivalent to make-up.

Personally, I don’t think it’s such a bad thing it’s time our men started being all manly again. Don’t get me wrong we all love the metro man but a metro man with a beard…now that’s the kind of guy I want to take home to my mom…

So, after wasting enough time wrecking my brain about all the reasons, we could possibly love men with beards I decided to go to my most trusted friend and mentor…Sir Google and this is what I found…

“Although different kinds of facial hair produce different effects in women, all facial hair projects a masculine vibe. Another 2016 study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology affirmed that women view men with facial hair to be not only more masculine, but more confident, industrious, generous and sincere they are also viewed as being better fathers than their clean-shaven brothers.

Interestingly, men with a heavy 10-day beard were ranked most attractive, where men with light stubble (5 days of growth) got the lowest scores across the board from both men in women in each category. The same study which found women view bearded men as more masculine and as better parents also found that this view increased during the fertile part of a woman’s menstrual cycle.

The takeaway? Beards are intimately tied to many biological urges, which means that stubbly guys looking to settle down or hookup this November might just find themselves getting lucky with a babely beard fan.”

We live in an evolving world where women do not have to keep taking the back seat, I guess that brings about our need for a manlier man and as far as physical appearances go nothing says manly the way a beard does….

Well that is just my personal opinion…

Much love my Britzie’s XOXO

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