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YouTuber with two million subscribers claims Nicki Minaj put ‘a hit’ on him in DMs. Now, the YouTube star tells us it’s ‘sad to see a hip hop legend have a meltdown like this.’

YouTube personality DJ Akademiks, 28, claims that Nicki Minaj, 36, just shot him some wild DMs. The blogger has criticized the rapper’s songs as of late, and he claims that she has now requested the DJ to hand over his address and digits to settle their beef. On Sept. 9, Akademiks (whose real name is Livingston Allen) tweeted, “Nicki Minaj just put a hit on me… if anything happens… or I miss a meal… SHE DID IT.” That “hit,” allegedly, was a threat to break his jaw — he tried to prove this with apparently Instagram DM screenshots that he live streamed on Twitch, and read out loud on his show, Complex’s Everyday Struggle. You can watch a full recap above, but we’ll break down the basics for you. HollywoodLife has reached out to Nicki’s rep for comment, but didn’t hear back by the time of publication.

The back-and-forth started when, according to Akademiks, Nicki supposedly hit him up via DM on Sept. 5, asking if he was going to be in New York “this coming week.” After the YouTuber simply replied “Yup,” Nicki started the alleged rant on Sept. 9: “You been mad since I made a joke about u with joe [Joe Budden] on my show [Queen Radio]…I know too much about ur family for u to be playing with me u hoe ass rat. Where u at now?”

In the response, Akademiks posts on the show, he didn’t appear to take the alleged threat too seriously. The screenshots suggest that Nicki then dragged rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, 23, into the conversation, writing in another alleged message, “Exactly. Hoe. Still sad Tekashi ain’t here no more so u can try to get sneak feels on his booty. Don’t talk on a woman then run from a man. I’m glad it’s received rat. It won’t be the only thing you will receive.” Akademiks brushed off the accusation with a laughing emoji and told her to not “play the woman card” on him, explaining that he has “criticized” everyone in the past (including her ex, Meek Mill).

In response to Akademiks’ aforementioned DM, Nicki allegedly wrote, “Ok cool. My husband wanna speak to u. Send ur addy or ur phone number. Nothing left to talk about.” On a side note — Nicki’s not officially married yet, but she has filed for a marriage license to tie the knot soon with her boyfriend Kenneth Petty. In two more messages, Nicki really wanted to link up with Akademiks, according to another alleged message that followed: “Ok send ur number or ur addy. My husband just wanna discuss smthn.”

The Barbz accused Akademiks of forging the DMs, since the video call icon was missing at the top of the DM page. Akademiks fired back by recording his iPhone screen and scrolling through the messages, uploading the resulting video to Twitter on Sept. 10: “We don’t do fakes … that’s you barbs speciality. I’ll leave this here and let y’all figure out how this one fake too. This actually ur fav…” The YouTuber doubled down on his claims in an EXCLUSIVE statement to HollywoodLife, telling us, “It’s sad to see a hip hop legend have a meltdown like this. Bullying or threatening media personalities, critics or media outlets and bringing their families won’t work in 2019…. it only makes you look more desperate.”

Akademiks claims that the exchange has left him baffled, but he did admit to telling “truths” about Nicki’s career that could’ve set her off. “Nicki Minaj’s solo songs are flopping. They’re not good. I said that she doesn’t make at this point good songs,” he said on Complex’s Everyday Struggles on Sept. 10, but did acknowledge that she’s a “phenomenal rapper.” Nicki Minaj’s reps did not respond to request for comment from HollywoodLife, and we are unable to verify whether the screenshots are authentic.

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