Racial Profiling Happens All the Time – a Few Words


What you need is a good beard.

Photo by William Krause on Unsplash

Your most successful writers all had top beards. Dickens, T.H.Lawrence, Melville, all bearded. Michelle Monet would be a Lady Gaga level brilliance if she grew hers out. Or how great would Brian Rowe be if the beard resembled a dogs dinner?


Darwin airport is the worse at profiling. Arrive there alone, from Asia, red-eye flight and watch as they pull you aside asking all sorts of intrusive questions.

“Where have you been?” Mine was the only flight that arrived, I’m sure they knew.

“Why are there traces of MDMA on the soles of your sandals?” I find sniffing lines off footwear a bigger turn-on then mirrors.

It doesn’t pay to have all the answers at Darwin.

It doesn’t pay to be smart either.

Since I got a female companion, customs have always left me alone and targeted her, much to my amusement and her annoyance.

Profiling sucks. Judging others on the way they look sucks.

Medium should be more than just a beard.

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