Emma Willis debuts dramatic beach blonde extensions


The presenter showed off her new look in the trailer for the new series of The Circle.

Emma Willis has always been a bit of a chameleon, but she’s rarely seen without her trademark cropped hair.

So fans got very excited indeed when she showed off a dramatic new hair look – complete with long, wavy extensions – in the trailer for the second series of The Circle, which she presents.

The transformation isn’t permanent, of course – the trailer also shows Emma sporting purple hair, tattoos and piercings, a bouffant bob, and even a beard and moustache.

The trailer is a neat illustration of how the Channel 4 show works – contestants live together in an apartment block but never meet face to face. Instead, they interact through a social media platform called The Circle.

Emma Willis

The twist? They can be themselves – or pretend to be whoever they want to be… Last year, Alex Hobern won £75,000 after pretending to be a woman called Kate.

Emma shared the trailer to Instagram, asking: ‘In the game where anyone can be anyone, who would you be?!’

Her fans were quick to respond. And they were more than a little excited. ’This series is going to be FABULOUS,’ exclaimed one.

Others were full of praise for the show. ‘This is such a great lesson for kids,’ said one. ‘I let me daughter watch it last series and it made her sit up and think when it came to social media and she was 11!!’

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Emma’s hairdresser Louis Byrne was responsible for the TV star’s dramatic new looks. ‘She’s very trusting and open,’ Louis previously told HELLO! magazine. ‘And when you have a relationship like we do – she respects me and I respect her and she knows that I would never make her look stupid, so that really helps.’

Louis, who has worked with Emma for the last four years, says he get ‘loads of requests, all the time’ from clients wanting a slice of Emma’s style.

Let’s hope he’s got his scissors handy!

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