5th Anniversary Spirit Week


In August and early September of 2014, Natalie and Tyler Anderson were repeating a mantra: “If we can get the doors open, it’s going to work.” With two barbers, a 6-year-old and no additional staff, we knew good haircuts would be enough to sustain this little shop.


Then the wildling onslaught began, great hairy men in need of transformation, and by the first weekend we brought on Colin the OG Shopkeep. Before long, the hunt was on for barbers, support staff, and people to run the massive machinery behind this big old circus.

Now, closing in on year five, the child is entering middle school, and 14 people work here, 10 of them barbers. Also, 60,000 individual heads have been in our chairs. It has been the ride of our lives.

To thank you for the soon-to-be five years of good times and support we’re hosting a whole WEEK of fun shenanigans for you all to enjoy, and an abundance of daily raffles!

Here be all of the deets.

Saturday, September 7th

Coffee Shop Day

Beardsgaard Barbers

Spirit Week proper doesn’t kick off until the next week, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get the rocket fuel brewing early. The fabulous coffee we have had in shop for years is roasted locally by our caffeinated friends over at FreshGround Roasting, and they are bringing the coffee cart on the road to keep us all peppy.

Come by, get a cup, and a bag of beans to take home, too, as this is the day we become a vendor of our favorite local roastery!

Monday, September 9th

Beardsgaard Day

Do: Wear and/or buy Beardsgaard Apparel
Get: 10% off all products & services + raffle ticket

Beardsgaard Barbers

Weird how our actual 5th anniversary decided to fall on a Monday this year! As such, we shall call it Beardsgaard Day.

Come on down to the shop adorned in your favorite Beardsgaard branded gear (even if you buy it once you get here) to get 10% off everything from services to retail to apparel. On top of that, you will get a raffle ticket to enter to win a free service of your choice, two if you pick up another piece of Beardsgaard merch.

Tuesday, September 10th

Fun Hair Day

Do: Ask for something radically different when you get in the barber chair for services
Get: 10% off your service + raffle ticket

Beardsgaard Barbers

Tuesday is where things start getting… hairy, literally, with Fun Hair Day. Because if a Barbershop is going to do a Spirit Week they HAVE to do a fun hair day. Them’s the rules.

If you’re in the chair that day and up for a big change in your style, you’ll not only get 10% off your service, but a raffle ticket to potentially win a free service of your choice AND the crispest of high fives from the shopkeep. One of those things is worth it and it’s definitely the high five.

Wednesday, September 11th

Apothecary Day

Do: Wear River Peak merch or buy RPA products
Get: 10% off RPA products + raffle ticket

Beardsgaard Barbers

Our softest shirt, and good for those of great beard

Wednesday we celebrate our other half, Beardsgaard’s mystical sibling and in-house product line, River Peak Apothecary. While Beardsgaard lays hands and sharp things upon you to make you gorgeous, The Apothecary travels with you to keep you looking your best.

On Apothecary Day, wear any River Peak Apothecary apparel and get 10% off merch and products, plus a raffle ticket for good measure.

Thursday, September 12th

The Ultimate Throwback Thursday

Do: Dress as your childhood self with photo receipts
Get: 10% off products, services & apparel + raffle ticket

Beardsgaard Barbers

In case you didn’t know, shop owner Natalie and Operations Gaardian Gwen go back a ways

Thursday we’re takin’ it back…in TIME. Welcome to The Ultimate Throwback Thursday *airhorn noises*.

As has been done on the internet to great hilarity, find an awesome childhood photo of yourself and dress to match – don’t forget to bring the picture with you. We will have a posterboard with all the awful, er, adorable pics of the Beardsgaard crew as kids and you can add your photo to be part of the most ultimate IRL Throwback Thursday post ever.

If you dress up and bring a photo for the board you’ll get 10% off and a raffle ticket to enter in and potentially win a free service.

Friday, September 13th

Beardsgaard Goes to Prom

Do: Fancy dress, prom-style
Get: 10% off products, services & apparel + raffle ticket

Beardsgaard Barbers

The Beardsgaards dating other people

Friday we’re getting fancy with Beardsgaard Goes to Prom. Dust off that old tux and/or prom dress, because if you dapper it up and come on by the shop you’ll get 10% off and a raffle ticket to enter to win a free service. If you have one of those old powder blue ruffle tuxes and wear it you’ll get two raffle tickets, because you deserve it.

Then join us later in the evening from 6-9 pm for our Second Friday art show where we have some talented local artists showing Barbershop themed work.

Saturday, September 14th

Bring Your Own Animal Day

Do: Bring an animal for us to pet
Get: 10% off products, services & apparel + raffle ticket

Beardsgaard Barbers

This is the day where we celebrate our favorite clients; the furry and scaly ones. All of the normal shop dogs belonging to the Beardsgaard crew will be taking the day off so that YOU can bring in all the little animal friends you have. Your creature will get you 10% off that day. We do request that the animal you bring in is cool with other animals so no tiny fights occur (as adorable as that sounds).

Bonus Event! Mini Painting Class

Beardsgaard Barbers

But wait what’s this? A bonus after hours event? Youbetcha! After the shop closes on Saturday we’ll have a small miniature painting class hosted by Eenie Minis. Tickets are limited at $22 a person and can be acquired here.

We built this place to feel like you’re entering the home of your weirdest old family friends, a place where you feel at home and leave in better shape and lighter in spirit than when you arrived. We also cut your hair and beard real good. This is the Beardsgaard way.

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