bitchy | Brad Pitt tries to bring back fedoras, ‘lift’ shoes and fug brown suits all at once


I’m sorry that I totally blanked on these photos yesterday. I should have covered them when they were fresh! Brad Pitt attended the Mexican premiere of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood this week, with no Leo DiCaprio or Margot Robbie in tow. That kind of proves what I’ve been saying: Leo and Margot enjoy each other’s company and are quite friendly, but they kind of think Brad is uncool? Leo and Margot had to do some extra promotion in Europe last week without Brad, and now Brad has to do some extra promo in North America without them. Everybody’s got a clique! And who is in Brad’s clique? I don’t know.

Anyway, people were talking about these photos because of Brad’s weird color choices. The thing is, Brad has looked flat-out GREAT during the promotion – he looks “good for his age,” but not like he’s trying to look 25. He looked fresh without looking worked on. Thin, but not too thin. Fit but not too fit. This ensemble in Mexico sort of ruins his style story for the OUATIH promotion though. The suit would have been fine… with a white shirt, better shoes and no hat. The fedora kills me… is Brad really trying to make fedoras happen??? But the worst part is that Brad is wearing really obvious (hilariously obvious) lifts. I’ve heard that Brad really isn’t the tallest guy, but the lifts are totally unnecessary.

People continue to talk about how Brad will likely get an Oscar nomination for OUATIH. I’m sort of fine if he does? It would be for Best Supporting Actor, and he would definitely be one of the “guys to beat,” even though awards season hasn’t even started. It’s worth noting (AGAIN!) that next year’s awards season is going to be so stupid and compact – the Oscars are three weeks earlier than usual. My point is that the films being released around Christmas won’t have time to really launch a huge awards season push, so I could totally see how a film released this summer would end up winning big Oscars.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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