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I said on Sunday that the vibe I got was that Miley Cyrus dumped Liam Hemsworth FOR Kaitlynn Carter, who is Brody Jenner’s fake ex-wife. Miley and Kaitlynn were on vacation together when the news of Miley and Liam’s split came out. It made it seem like everything was related, and everything was messy. Of course I’ve never said that Miley’s bisexuality/pansexuality is why all of this happened – I know Miley thinks her sexuality makes her the most special snowflake around, but it’s actually a complete cliche for a young couple to split up when one of the spouses starts up an affair, regardless of gender. Anyway, Miley must have realized that she looks like a complete a–hole, because someone ran to TMZ to correct the timeline on how all of this went down:

Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter are seeing each other — something we’re told didn’t start until they had both broken up with their spouses — but our sources say this all came AFTER a valiant attempt by Miley to save her relationship with Liam Hemsworth. Sources connected to Miley and Liam tell TMZ … the 2 were struggling with various issues for months, and she pushed for the 2 of them to go into therapy and took other steps to make their marriage work. As one source put it, “He didn’t come close to meeting her half way.”

It became apparent a while ago it wasn’t going to work and they drifted apart. We’re told they’ve been separated for “months.” Check out the photo of Liam from back in June, grocery shopping without his wedding ring. There are new pics of Liam in Australia with brother Chris, and he looks sad. That may well be the case, but we’re told in no uncertain terms … nothing was sprung on him — it was a long time coming.

As for Miley and Kaitlynn, we’re told they did not get together until after their respective splits, but they have history. Miley and Liam were friends with Kaitlynn and Brody Jenner for years. They all lived in Malibu and after wildfires destroyed their neighborhoods late last year, we’re told the foursome became even closer. As we reported … Miley and Kaitlynn were making out poolside in Lake Como over the weekend. We’re told they’re seeing each other, with no labels attached.

[From TMZ]

So, two couples were friendly in Malibu and then their friendliness turned into a deeper friendship and then suddenly both of their marriages – one fake and one not – ended within a week of each other but don’t worry everyone, no one was caught off-guard and no one cheated, nothing happened until JUST NOW. Suuure. Anyway, Page Six had some added details on the timeline:

Brody Jenner knew Kaitlynn Carter and Miley Cyrus were hooking up long before photos hit the internet. An insider told Page Six on Monday that Carter, 30, and Cyrus, 26, have been hooking up for “a couple of months” and that Carter’s ex Jenner is “totally okay with it.”

“Brody is still friends with them. There’s no drama,” our source added. Earlier this month, Jenner, 35, announced his split from Carter and wasted no time partying away in Vegas after the breakup. Meanwhile, a source told us at the time that Carter was dating someone new. Now, she’s been getting cozy with Cyrus on a yacht as they vacationed in Italy last week and photos of them kissing were released over the weekend.

“[Kaitlynn] had some other priorities [in her marriage], and you now know what they are,” the insider snarked. We’re told that Jenner and Cyrus have “known each other for years” and Carter “knows Miley through him. He introduced them.” The insider added that Carter and Jenner discussed her relationship with Cyrus before they split and “it was no secret.”

[From Page Six]

The sources go on to say that Brody has no hard feelings with Kaitlynn or Miley, but it certainly sounds like Kaitlynn was having an affair with Miley, told Brody about it and he was like…”uh, okay?” And… whatever. This is messy drama but it honestly doesn’t sound like Brody is too worked up over it. Liam might be worked up over it though. We’ll see. As for what’s next… do you think Miley and Kaitlynn will even last? I don’t.

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