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The drama is at an all-time high with Chantel’s family. Chantel and her mom, Karen, head out to talk with Winter’s boyfriend about a secret in this EXCLUSIVE preview of ‘The Family Chantel.’

“This is so messed up,” 90 Day Fiance fan-favorite Chantel says in our EXCLUSIVE preview of the Aug. 12 episode of The Family Chantel. “I have to figure out how to tell my sister that the man that she’s in love with has been lying to her from the beginning of their relationship.” Chantel and her mom, Karen, drive to confront Jah about the secret he’s been keeping. On the way there, Karen has some things to say about Winter and Chantel. She says that they need to “stop picking up crazy people.” Chantel is offended by what her mom is saying. “My mom is dissing Pedro even though this whole thing is about Jah,” Chantel says.

Chantel knows her sister is going to be devastated over Jah’s secret. “My sister has put her whole heart and soul into this relationship. Her whole world is gonna come crashing down,” she admits. Karen doesn’t want to face Jah but she doesn’t have a choice. “I am not prepared to go head-on and face this problem right now but I have to do it,” Karen says. “I need to know why has he been keeping this a secret from Winter.”

The synopsis for the Aug. 12 episode reads: “After hiring a Private Investigator to dig up dirt on Chantel’s sister Winter’s long-term boyfriend, Jah, Chantel and her mother, Karen, find out some seriously shocking news that they can’t ignore. Even though they know it will absolutely break Winter’s heart, they rush over to her apartment to confront Jah about his six-year secret and to tell Winter the truth.”

Chantel told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that her spinoff was going to get up close and personal with her family. “You’ll see things from their points of view and even more in-depth and they have their own lives that you’re going to be introduced to as well,” Chantel said. The Family Chantel airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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