A New Age at Beardsgaard


When we signed our first 5-year lease on this place, with a grand total of 2 employees (which were just us, Natalie and Tyler), we had no idea if we would make it this far. What new business owner does?

Now here we are, having signed for another five years, not only here, but on the space next door, because there is a second business now. 14 people work here right now, and we just ran a report that tells us that 60,000 individuals have received hair or beard services in these hallowed halls. It has truly blown our minds into a thin goo.

Long story short, those of us who have been here since the beginning or very near could never keep up cutting all the heads ourselves, so we had two choices: work around the clock, or clone ourselves. We got as close as we could to the latter, by way of training an army of barbers of Beardsgaard.

Blademaiden was the first to leave the floor as a bookable barber, stepping back to train the staff and run the business behind the scenes while keeping her small private client list, mostly consisting of pre-Beardsgaard clients.

Beardsgaard Barbers

Most of her other beloved regulars who were after her fine motor skills were referred over to Tyler, while the clients who just liked an 80-year-old man in a 30-year-old female body ended up with Amanda.

Amanda is the next to head off the floor, partially to follow in Natalie’s footsteps, but also to go back to school to be a veterinarian to large creatures. Her schedule has already been whittled down to just walk-ins on Fridays and most Saturdays.

Beardsgaard Barbers

Beardsmith will be the next, with his hours on the floor reducing between now and October, when he will be available to the public exclusively on his traditional full day of Wednesday walk-ins.

Beardsgaard Barbers

One of the best parts about Amanda and Tyler coming off the floor is that like Natalie started to do a few years ago, they will now be able to pour all the experience, magic tricks, and individual client preferences they have learned over the years into the brains of the rest of the team.

If you are an Amanda or Tyler die hard, they still got you, but in a slightly different way. When Blademaiden left the floor, she ensured that all her regular clients landed happily in another barber’s chair within the shop, and the A+T team will do the same.

Reach out to us at the shop by email, on social media, or in person for your personalized referral, with instructions to your new barber about exactly the way you like it.

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