What I Learnt from this Bearded guy! – durgesh pradhan


The first time I met him was a short meet. I and my CEO had a meeting with him at his cabin in his office. The meeting room had a book shelf spread across the entire wall. His EA brought in his chair. The moment he entered the cabin, he apologized for having kept us waiting for him. I was amazed by his humbleness. My CEO introduced me to him and we had a formal introduction. He had ordered a Tulsi chai. The meeting was focused on the subject and we didn’t have much conversation. The second time, it was again at the same room: at his cabin in his office. ‘I have seen you before’ he stated. I was surprised that he remembered me.

He is the Group President of one of the verticals in his company, CEO in another industries his company is in and a Member of Executive Board. CEOs of verticals report to him and he handles worth 1 Billion USD.

Our third meet was at an event in Hyderabad. His company is a client of my company. I was coordinating for the event and he was the speaker in the event. He came around 15 minutes prior to the session start time, checked for the decks and the operationality of the event. He sat in one of the chairs and greeted students — the audience for the event- who were entering the hall.

He kept the speech casual and to the point. I adore how he started the speech. He quoted a German poet saying “Don’t be too humble, dear sir, after all you are not that great” to take courage to start the speech. The audience were very engaging with him.

The fourth time was in Mumbai at a similar event. Outside the hall was an old lady, begging in the street. He raised concern for her care and asked the authorities to take care of her. Here too, everyone were mesmerized by his charm and humbleness. Students flocked to him to enjoy his presence. I strongly remember his guidance to the students. “For me sewa and love (meaning empathy) are the most important thing in life.”

I have met few business heads so far and have noticed that few are aggressive, few are too focused on the work, and few have that humanness in them. I infer that success need not come to people of a certain type of personality. Yes, the attitude and personality one has is certainly a factor for the success, but it is not the only factor. You can have any personality and still be successful. The point that I am highlighting is that, what attitude you have is purely a choice you can make. One can be humble and be successful too. Being humble is not just for success but a lifestyle choice that one carries. So, whether you are successful or not, your humbleness defines who you are.

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