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If there is a singular product or product range I ‘was’ lost for choice in, it’s Beard Oils (and then some). If we look at the FY: 2018–2019, Indian men’s skincare market you would see a burgeoning growth in beard oils because of the following:

  1. Amount of new Beard Brands.
  2. Beard Products ranging from (1- 12).
  3. Price levels for the same product changing drastically.

I grow a beard. So what do I really need, what do I really buy, and coming down to the crux. What Really Matters?

Most brands that have launched in India have welcomed large amounts of success marketing to an audience age 18–50, with low price points and a variety of value, adds. However, having travelled and still, in the process of growing my beard, I’m quite aware of what works and what one can definitely save on to invest in different skincare.

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