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Ariel Winter keeps reinventing her look, and now she’s added curls to the red hair she’s been rocking all summer. She looks so beautiful in a new selfie teasing an upcoming project.

Ariel Winter really look like Ariel the Little Mermaid in her newest Instagram selfie on July 22. She had her naturally brunette locks dyed red in May after Modern Family wrapped for the season. Now she’s added some volume through big wavy curls that make her looks just like the Disney princess from the animated film. She definitely had a glam squad work on it cause her locks are luscious. Her makeup is flawless, as the 21-year-old has a pink lip and a dusty grey eye, with peachy cheeks that look great against her perfect skin.

“Filming something new that I’m really excited about,” Ariel captioned the pic, which appears to have been taken inside an on-set trailer. How exciting, what could it be? That was all she gave for a tease about the project, but clearly it has something to do with how amazing she’s looking these days. After her dramatic weight loss followed by the hair transformation, she looks like a whole new person.

Whatever it is, it sounds big as Ariel’s sister Shanelle Gray told her “Proud is an understatement” in the comments, so she’s in the know about what the actress is working on. For her fans it was all about her tresses. “Looking great Ariel! Love this hair color on you. ❤️” a woman named Vicky wrote while a fan named Kim gave her a huge compliment by telling Ariel “You look like Julia Roberts here.” A user named Tony agreed, telling the starlet, “Umm…totally look like a young Julia Roberts here 🔥🔥🔥 love it!”

Ariel is set to begin filming the 11th and final season of Modern Family any day now and she currently looks nothing like her Alex Dunphy character, which we previously told you is causing a conundrum. “Ariel loves her hair color so much right now. She wasn’t sure how she’d feel, if she’d want to keep it or if it would be a quick phase, but she really loves it, she wants to keep it,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.

“The only thing is she starts shooting Modern Family again soon so the assumption is that she’ll dye her hair back to Alex’s color then but she really doesn’t want to. It took a whole day in the salon to get her hair the perfect red, she really doesn’t want to put her hair through that again so she might wear a really good wig. Or the best would be if producers would agree to let (her character) Alex have a hair makeover, but Ariel isn’t counting on that.”

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