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Each month The Barber Magazine feature a page highlighting ‘Rising stars’ within the industry.  We focus on individuals who are new, successful and doing great things within the barbering world! 

This month we spoke with Josh from Ruthless Barbers.

Instagram: ruthlessbarberjosh  

Take a look at his amazing work!

When did you realise you wanted to become a barber?

To be honest – I didn’t know I did until I tried it! Back in 2014 I was working in a dead-end job and one day a customer asked me how my day was going. Well, I straight up told them I was having a terrible day, I hated my job and I really wanted to try something new. It just so happened that she was the owner of a barbershop and she offered to train me up and give me a job! I’ve never looked back since!

Out of all the things the job includes, what is your favourite?

I had a guy come into my shop recently who hadn’t had a haircut in months. His self-esteem was at a real low. He said he usually just asks for a simple 4 back and sides, but I convinced him to just let me do my thing. I switched up his look for him, gave him some tips on how to style it and watched him walk out of my shop a new man with all the confidence in the world. Those kinds of transformations are without a doubt my favourite part of the job.

What’s the proudest moment of your career so far?

In 2017, my 7-year-old stepson, Zach, was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy – a cruel and fatal muscle-wasting disease. I felt completely lost at the time but knew I wanted to do something special for him. I decided that I would do whatever I could to get that awesome kid to Disney World and embarked on a crazy, 24-hour hair cut-a-thon. I was blown away by the response from our community and we managed to raise an incredible £10000 to send him on the trip of a lifetime! It’s not just the proudest moment of my career but the proudest moment of my life.

Follow little Zach’s story here & feel free to donate to an amazing cause for a very brave little boy.

If you were to offer anyone thinking about joining the industry, what 3 top tips would you offer?

Be professional but remember to have fun. This job is about so much more than the cut, it’s the service as a whole and you’ve got to make your shop a place that people love to come to. Constantly strive to improve and don’t ever be too proud to ask another barber a question. Watch what they’re doing – is it different to what you do? Why is it different? What can you learn? Take photos of your cuts! When people are looking for somewhere to go and get their hair cut, the first place they’ll search is online. Make sure you’re the person they come across and that they get to check out all your best work!


Do you have any plans that you can share?

I’ve had a busy past few weeks – highlights were cutting hair at Barber UK and Barber connect for the first time! But now that things have calmed down, it’s time to focus all my energy on getting a new shop opened in Daventry with the Ruthless team. It’s a project that I’m massively excited to be a part of and I’ve got a real good feeling about what’s to come!

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