Cardi B Is Twinning With Kulture At The Baby Girl’s Birthday Party – Check Out Their Matching Outfits


Cardi B and Offset did not look at the money when throwing their baby girl, Kulture’s very first birthday bash. It’s been reported that the proud parents spent about $400k on their daughter’s first anniversary.

Cardi filmed a lot of videos of the happy night and shared them on her Instagram Story. Kulture was wearing a pink, yellow, and green dress, and she was twinning with her mommy.

Cardi also tried to find the best pic in which she can be seen twinning with Kulture and she shared it on her social media account. Check it out below.

‘This the only good picture I can find with me and my baby matching outfit.😩😂😂Thank @itsjeremyscott @moschino for this beautiful custom outfits. I swear I really really was trying to get a good pic 😩😩’ Cardi captioned the photo.

Someone commented: ‘This is what happiness looks like ✨ god bless.’

Another follower wrote: ‘This is a fire pic mama 😍😩 sooo cute.’

One fan said: ‘So y’all ain’t see that hand on Cardi’s stomach right? I thought I was trippin because I know Cardi would never have her nails that short ☠️’

One other commenter toldCardi: ‘Welcome to motherhood… where you spend months planning parties and matching outfits and when the day comes you don’t even have time to take a decent picture of you and the kids 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣’


Not too long ago, Cardi shared the presents she got Kulture for her birthday.

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