bitchy | Jeff Bezos & Lauren Sanchez made their loved-up couple debut at Wimbledon


Jeff Bezos decided to celebrate Prime Day Eve (again, is this a national holiday?) by making his big public debut with his mistress-turned-jumpoff Lauren Sanchez. Bezos was in England this weekend with Lauren Sanchez, the woman with whom he had an affair. The affair and the outing of the affair by the National Enquirer led to Bezos’ divorce. His divorce has just been finalized too – Mackenzie Bezos walked away with $38 billion in cash, assets and Amazon stock, and she’s already pledged half of the money to charity. So, Mackenzie already wins at life – she’s rich, she’s charitable and she doesn’t have to put up with Jeff Bezos anymore.

Anyway, Jeff and Lauren decided to make their big “coming out” couple debut at Wimbledon, at the men’s final. I didn’t know Jeff Bezos even liked tennis, but it seems like an especially popular spectator sport for billionaires – Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are huge Roger Federer fans (and often go to his matches in America) and I think Larry Ellison is a huge Rafael Nadal fan. I wonder who Bezos stans? I hope he loves Djokovic, so at least Novak has ONE billionaire fan.

From the looks of it – and I can’t tell completely – I do think Bezos and Sanchez were seated in the Royal Box, they were just several rows back. I hope the All-England Club understands that Bezos could buy their club with a snap of his fingers and rename it the All-Amazon Club, but whatever. My point is that it doesn’t look like Bezos demanded to be seated front row in the Royal Box beside Duchess Kate. He was too busy being lovey-dovey with Lauren Sanchez to care. Also: good lord, Lauren Sanchez has had BAD face work.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

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