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Porsha Williams’ daughter PJ continues to be the apple of her mother’s eye. The ‘RHOA’ star showed off how her baby’s hair is long enough to be put up in three cute pigtails in a sweet video.

Porsha Williams‘ three-month-old daughter Pilar Jhena continues to be a total Instagram superstar, even though she’s not even old enough to walk or talk. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star set up her baby’s IG account five days after her March 22 birth and on July 11 showed off the sweetest new video. Porsha is seen bouncing PJ up between her legs as a toy plays a nursery rhyme video in the background. She tries to get her baby to gaze at the camera, telling “her look, look at you” before PJ makes contact with her big brown eyes.

Then Porsha shows off the top of PJ’s head, sweetly exclaiming “You’ve got three ponytails. My goodness!” She captioned the video “3 pigtails can’t tell me nothing 😂❤️😩 #3Months.” Even though the 38-year-old and her ex, Pilar’s dad Dennis McKinley, 42, love to share plenty of pics and videos of PJ on their own, the baby’s own account gives even more web space to show their growing little one.

While her fans loved it, they agreed on one thing in the comments: Pilar looks exactly like Dennis! “Aawww she so cute & she looks like her papa ❤️,” a user named Kym wrote. A woman named Joelle was more blunt, saying “Hey Dennis!! I mean, Pilar!❤️♥️😍.” “She looks JUST LIKE HER DADDY‼️” a user named Dee exclaimed while a woman named Coco wrote “Awwwww princess looking like her daddy.”

Even Dennis knows that Pilar is his little mini-me. Earlier in the day he pointed it out by reposting a photo Porsha shared to her IG a day prior of PJ in a car seat wearing a cute pink dress. He drew red arrows on it to point out the features that his daughter inherited from him, writing “Eyebrows, Dimples Daddy! Everything else Momma ❤️😍🥰 @pilarjhena” in the caption. But his fans thought he was being too generous, with one even commenting ““Pleeease she got yo whole everything lol that’s nice you gave Porsha some credit though 😂 #sothoughtful lol.”

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