Kylie Jenner Proves That Alex Rodriguez Was Right All Along By Flaunting Her Massive Wealth In New Photos, But This Famous Grammy And An Oscar Winner Came To Her Defense


This week, Kylie Jenner cannot catch a break, after landing in trouble for the way she treats her multiple dogs, she is now being slammed for flaunting her massive wealth online.

Recently, the billionaire took to social media where she shared a picture that screams, “I am rich b*tch” where she is wearing a killer outfit.

The makeup mogul posed on half of the dozens of luxury cars that are parked in front of her California mansion.

Oscar and Grammy winner singer-actress Jennifer Hudson decided to defend her. Diva Jennifer added: “I’m sure she gave back to whomever she chose to and still bought every car of her choice! She can’t help if her reality sounds like she’s bragging! Bosssss!!!!”

While some fans say that Kylie is just being a boss and having fun at her young age, others are slamming her for showing off because they deem she is not self-made and benefited from her mother and sister’s large bank accounts.

One person shamed Travis Scott’s lady: “Literally every pic screams I’m richer than you 😭😭😭
Does it make you feel better to brag, knowing most families work hard to keep even one working car much less two?!?”

Another critic wrote: “Oh look, the NOT-SO-SELF-MADE Billionaire, showing off her NOT-SO-HARD-EARNED cars. Lol. Amazing!!Really. Why do you want the world to see what you have? Are you ribbing our face in it!!! Well, good for you. Arod was right. Enjoy now because you can’t take it with you.”

This person defended Kylie: “I have seen people less richer than her show off their car collection every single day, she’s an effin billionaire, of course, she’s allowed to post a photo or two with her cars. I don’t understand how people are easily triggered. I mean the rest of us work hard for money too, we seem okay with her post. I say, enjoy your life. Some have it, some do. I don’t have it, but I enjoy seeing someone who does have it. It’s just how life is.”


What are your thoughts on Kylie’s decision to flaunt her wealth on social media? Does she make Alex Rodriguez look less crazy? Should she change the way she handles those things in terms PR?

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