KUWK: Kylie Jenner Fans Certain She’s Expecting After Khloe Kardashian Posts Video In Which Someone Says ‘I’m Pregnant’


Khloe Kardashian celebrated her birthday and it was super fun and – oh, and someone’s pregnant! At her bash, someone revealed that they are expecting and fans are convinced it’s none other than Kylie Jenner!

As for how the fans found out, a voice can be heard declaring it in one of Khloe’s Instagram Stories.

The clip is the birthday girl just showing off the table filled with treats such as donuts, cake and more.

But what really grabbed people’s attention is when, at some point in the video, someone confesses – ‘I’m pregnant!’

And then it ends! The followers never see who said it or get to hear anything else from the conversation.

Despite this, the diehard fans are convinced the voice belongs to Kylie!

Of course, nothing has been confirmed yet but it would make sense since she has been the most vocal in the family about her desire to add to the family.

She even mentioned her wish in her boyfriend, Travis Scott’s birthday post!

Posting pics of him and their daughter Stormi, Kylie wrote: ‘Watching you evolve into the partner, friend, son, and father you are today has been so fulfilling ♥️. My real life bestie and hubby all wrapped into one. I love you and I’m so so proud of you. Happy happy birthday 🎉🎁 let’s f**k around and have another baby. 🤪’

Perhaps he took that request very seriously and they were successful?

Fans were quick to react to the confession and share their speculations!

‘Well, someone announced they were pregnant in Khloé Kardashian’s Instagram Story. 🤷🏼‍♀️,’ someone wrote, sharing the video.


‘Ok I’m calling it. Kylie Jenner is pregnant again.’ / ‘Maybe Kylie is pregnant again,’ a couple others wrote.

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