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Pogonophile alert: Best beard oils in the market

Pogonophiles are always looking out for exclusive grooming products for their scrawny or the husky beards. It is essential that you have better beard oils given that it helps the crop grow faster and prevents all kind of itching that might be one of the primary reasons for causing discomfort.

Growing healthy beard is not easy and it takes a lot of maintenance and effort. Therefore, having that beard oil in the arsenal or your grooming kit could be a life saver. You could use it whenever you feel like eliminating the dandruff issues, or just conditioning your hair and skin.

The web is flooded with recommendations about beard oils and it is difficult to shortlist a few of them. Everyone of them is impeccably crafted and promises to give you the best result. However, do you believe customised reviews, or do you just pick out what you think would suit you the best? Well, let’s find out.

1) Honest Amish Classic beard oil

The Amish are known for their beard. It is not only classy but also well-groomed and probably one of the best kinds that you would want to grow. Be it a simply scruffy look for a full-blown husky beard, if you have been wondering the secret of such a gorgeous foliage, well, it is the Honest Amish Classic Beard oil. Beard care is incomplete without beard oil and it is better that you do that with this spectacular product. With luxury essential oils such as Argan, Jojoba, KuKui as the key ingredients, it promises to moisturise and improve the quality of your beard in the shortest possible time.

2) Beardo Beard and Hair Growth Oil

Known for it specially formulated beard and hair growth products, Beardo is one of the leading brands in the country. With ingredients that become instrumental in enhancing the thickness and texture of the beard, the oil seeps deeper into the skin thereby enhancing both over a period of post prolonged usage. With a blended combination of Vitamin B6 and hibiscus oil, it is one of the best products you can lay your hands on.

3) Woodland Harmony by Seven Potions

If you are one of those passionate men who is trying to grow a full woolly wild child look, well, this is one product that would never disappoint you. Taking take of a scraggly beard is not easy and not many can pull off that wild look. However, with proper grooming products at hand, which comprises a blend of cedar and sandalwood oil, you not only have a beard that looks great and sorted but also smells good. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

4) Beardoholic Natural Beard Oil

If you want to get vengeance on your itchy skin and unruly beard, well, Beardoholic is the perfect weapon in your arsenal. The product is bottled in a dark glass component which prevents breaking down of the complexes which are otherwise helpful in keeping that beard healthy and organised. With wheat germ oil as one of the primary ingredients you can now say goodbye to all beard problems. Bonus points? It smells heavenly!!

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