Full Terms & Conditions

  • By completing payment contestant accepts to the
    terms & conditions
  • No refunds will be given once payment has been made
  • Finalist will provide own travel and accommodation
    for the event
  • If contestant cannot make it on the day, entry will
    be forfeited without refund
  • If a contestant is late, they will forfeit their
    place in the competition and their paid entry fee
  • Images sent to us that are not created by the
    applicant will result in instant disqualification
  • Entry into the Barber Brands International Barber of
    the Year Competition is for passionate and committed barbers only
  • Contestant must complete all specified cuts within
    the allocated time
  • No pre-cutting is allowed
  • A minimum of 1.5cm must be removed during the
  • No wigs, hair pieces or hair extensions can be used
  • Models will be scrutinized before the commencement
    of the competition
  • Contestant must bring their model, own barbering
    tools and equipment in order to participate in the competition
  • Any clippers, combs, scissors, hairdryer and brushes
    of your choice can be used
  • Straightening irons and any hot tools, other than a
    hairdryer, cannot be used
  • Styling product will be provided by Barber Brands
  • Judges decision is final
  • Contestants must be present at the scheduled winner
    announcement time – automatic disqualification if not
  • Places are strictly limited
  • Timer will be controlled by the head judge
  • During the set-up or competition time if there is a
    perceived problem you should report to the head judge immediately, who will
    decide whether or not to continue
  • There is no facility for washing hair so models must
    be ready before the competition starts. You can use water sprayers. Please
    provide your own water sprayer equipment.
  • The barber must show a transformation of the model’s
    hair. The judges will inspect during check in and during the competition.
    Violation of this will result in disqualification
  • If there is a tie, the judges will determine the
    final winner
  • Clean up must be completed by each competitor once
  • Once time begins NO assistance or instruction may be
    provided from any outside influences i.e. sponsors, friends, coach etc.
  • NO other person/coach/helper is allowed on the
    competition floor
  • All photographic entries can be used in whole or
    part for advertising and promotional use by The Cutthroat Journal and Barber
    Brands International before and after competition
  • Any photos of competitors and models taken by staff
    throughout the competition can be used for advertising and promotional use by
    The Cutthroat Journal and Barber Brands International during and after the