Kandi Burruss’ Fans Slam Disgusting And Tasteless Comments After She Posted Picture From Todd Tucker’s Daughter, Kaela’s Birthday Party


Many of Kandi Burruss’ fans have stepped out to defend some of the offensive and rude comments being made after she shared a few pictures of Kaela Tucker’s birthday celebration.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star flew to New York to party with Todd Tucker’s stunning daughter, Kaela, who turned 23 years old.

Kandi took to social media and shared a lovely picture of the birthday girl in a sexy yet classy fringe outfit and getting a hug from cutie pie Ace.

She captioned the post: “One time for the Birthday Girl @kpt__ ! @acewellstucker refused to let us take this pic with just Kaela & I. 😂 #Funtimes.”

Kaela also shared a photo and confirmed that she had a great birthday thanks to her family. Despite the fact that the family said they had a lovely time, one mean comment read: “Where’s her new car and why isn’t her hair done you Treat her different than you treat your Daughter and Todd Allow you to be careful how you treat People don’t care how much money you have SMH.”

Another critic revealed: “She a beautiful young Lady y’ all need to find somebody else to do her hair.”

Backers of the Burruss/Tucker clan are saying to leave the family alone and let them enjoy their lives how they see fit: “You have no idea what is done for her. She probably chooses to use her money in a different way. She’s a grown woman, and she wears and looks the way she wants too. Always people with the same skin color. That’s very rude and disrespectful. Just say happy bday and move on or say nothing at all! Not everyone wants to wear makeup and half of you look like clowns with it on anyway. Mind the business that pays you!”

This supporter shared her point of view: “Do all of you ever get tired of jumping in this woman’s comments every time she posts her daughters(s) accusing her of treating Kaela different than Riley? What do all of you know about their family dynamic besides RHA and pictures? Relax. She probably already has a car, and she doesn’t need makeup. The comments some of y’ all make about children is so damn disgusting and tasteless.”


It is impossible to please everyone, indeed.

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