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Sugar Beard decide to donate 1000 of their custom-made bands to charity via their website for £1 each, hoping to raise £1000 for the Southmead Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

The (NICU) provides intensive care, high dependency care, special care and transitional care for hundreds of children each year. As well as caring for children who are born too soon or with health conditions in their first weeks of life, the team of staff support parents through what can be a very difficult journey. CEO’s Rory Woods and Tom Prentice of Sugar Beard explain more about the company’s ethos and why they developed the bands.

The story of SugarBeard

Sugar Beard started in an unlikely way with a very random series of events. Tom explains: “Both myself and Rory are part of the biggest beard Club in the world; ‘Bearded Villains’. We are in different chapters; Rory is part of ‘Southwest Kingsman’ and I am the lieutenant of Bearded Villains Welsh Chapter. Early in 2018 the southwest were having a meet in Exeter and although we had not met at this point, the Brotherhood is very tightknit, as such Rory offered me a bed in his room for the night as my attendance was very much a last-minute call.”

‘We are a brotherhood of elite bearded men from all over the world.’

The Bearded Villains were created in hope to ‘Unite bearded men of all cultures, races, creed and sexuality in a Brotherhood devoted to Loyalty, Honour and Respect toward all people, dedicated to the betterment of mankind through fraternity Charity and Kindness ‘.

Tom adds: “A big part of being a Bearded villain is doing charity work, so when we became established as Sugar Beard, we wanted this to be part of our company ethos too.”

Creating the Beard Balm

Sugar Beard began its journey at that Exeter meet as Rory commented on how nice Toms Beard balm smelled and was keen to buy some. Tom fancies himself as a bit of an ‘engineer’ and decided to make his own balm because, he could never find a balm with a scent that ‘stuck’.

“After some trial and error in the kitchen, I felt I had the perfect formula and simply made my own batches. After explaining this to Rory, he was keen that I not only made him some, but that we started making it for the general public. He explained that he had also struggled to find a balm that did what was needed until now and was certain that most bearded men struggled with this issue.”

The name ‘Sugar Beard’ was formed due to Tom and Rory staying clear of the ‘traditional’ scents on the market and produced a more sweet and fruity scent, which therefore lead to ‘Sugar Beard’. Sugar Beard has now passed its first 12 months as an established company and contender in the competitive market.

Where the money goes

In their first year of trading, Sugar Beard was approached by numerous charities, both inside and external to Bearded Villains, of which Sugar Beard supported with raffle prizes and publicity. This year Sugar Beard decided to form a tailored plan and support a charity that was close to them.

“Rory’s son Brodey was born with a tiny hole in one of his lungs, as such spent time in south mead hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit. We decided this year to donate 1000 charity bands from our product model that are available direct on our website to be sold to raise £1000 to donate to the neonatal unit (we coined the hashtag; #bands4babies)” explains Tom.

They aim to hit this goal by the end of the year, with the development of their product line they hope this will be an easy target to reach.

“We have our female range launching either late in 2019 or early 2020 all of which we offer a wholesale model for barbers, salons and tattoo studios alike. We are very grateful to our growing customer base; they are the reason we have the scope to raise money and awareness for worthy causes and long may that continue. To close off with our strapline; to all the bearded gents who read this; ‘Before you stroke it, sugar-coat it’

If you would like to buy a band for a brilliant cause, visit the Sugar Beard website:

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