“Grooming is the secret of real elegance. The best clothes, the most wonderful jewels, the most glamorous beauty don’t count without good grooming”

When a girl sees a man, before anything else, her eyes see his face. And you have beard on your face, right? Imagine you have a beard which is uneven, patchy and dull. No matter how handsome you are, your beard game will spoil it. You have to groom yourself every week to look sharp all the time. Style your beard according to your face. Don’t be afraid to try new styles. Do experiments and see what style makes you look sexy AF. Invest in good trimmer and maintain your beard every week. There should be no hairs on your neck. Big No! No!. Even it out where there is hairs peeking out. Take proud on your beard. If you are the one who can’t grow full beard or can’t grow single hair on face, then don’t try to grow beard. Keep it clean. Girls like that too. If beard was the only that makes you handsome, I doubt the handsomeness of Tom Cruse when he kept it clean. If you grow patchy beard you can keep it short. Very short. According to a research, girls found the guy more handsome who had 10-days stubble instead of full beard or clean shaven. If you’re looking for a good trimmer, we’ve got you covered. Here are our best picks.

You know what is the most disgusting thing girls found in manly face?? The fucking unibrows. They are disgusting. Would you like to date a girl who has unibrows?? Probably not. If you still don’t find anything weird about it…consider looking at this photo. Click here. 
 See…it’s very annoying. Keep your eyebrows clean. Pluck out the connecting parts, which is at the edge of the nose. But don’t overdo it.Otherwise it will look too feminine. Just keep it clean.

Do I really have to talk about this? Your hairstyle is your speaker for style. Guys with great hairstyle are the crush of most girls. Your hairstyle reflects your personality, attitude and scene of fashion. Choose best hairstyle according to your hair texture and face shape. Try different styles. Take risks. And see which hair style suites you best. But no matter which hairstyle you choose unless your hairs are unhealthy. Click here if you want know How to Keep Hairs Healthy.

You may think that no one can see your body hairs, so there is no need to maintain it. No…you are wrong. No one can see your body hairs, but they can smell it. You may ask ‘Smell it?’. Yes, they can smell it. When you sweat out, your body hair gets dirty and remains dirty unless you take shower. And till then, they smell horrible. And also no girl likes to see your chest hairs coming out from your shirt. And think about that time when you get lucky and ready rock the bed with girl of your dream. But when you remove your shirt and you have a black layer on your chest. Go shave that NOW.

You have your facial hairs on point, best hairstyle ever, clean on your body, on bed with your girl, you remove your cloths but instead of seeing your Big Boy, she can only see a jungle of bush. It’s a bog turn off for any girl. Girls like to see it clean, or at least short. When you keep your pubic hairs clean or short, it makes your thing look bigger. Trim down there. It is also good for hygiene. Once every two weeks, take your trimmer and do some gardening down there. Please.

Smile is the most attractive feature in human body. It makes you look more attractive and more trustworthy. But with those yellow, stained teeth…it is awful. Keep your teeth clean and white. Brush twice a day. Make paste of baking soda and lemon juice and use that. Floss every day. Use charcoal. If you want to attract anyone, smile at them with sexy white teeth of yours. Click here if you want to know How to Take Care of Oral Health.

Nails are another thing that women find awful if kept dirty and unmaintained. Every Sunday, take nail cutter and cut your nails. Once every month, go have manicure. That might sound feminine but girls will really appreciate it. Trust me, saying from own experience.

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