The Dads of Beardsgaard Collections

Our clients range from young to old, hairy, bald, male, female, non-binary, the whole range, so long as you keep your hair on the short side, we cut you. Even so, if we had to pick one characteristic that unites a heck of a lot of our clients, it’s dad-dom. Even the ones that aren’t bio dads (or dudes, for that matter) usually have at least a pack of nieces and nephews trying to climb them.

A thing that most dads have in common is that they’re friggin impossible to buy for. That’s why you have us. As barbers, and barbers in this shop specifically, we know what dads are digging these days.

A few dads we had lying around happened to represent the full spectrum of fatherhood – in hair quantities and offspring ages both. We polled them to gather a collection of their favorite goods of the realm. Shop their collections below.

Dad O’The Morning

Beardsgaard Barbers
  • Beardsgaard Barbers
    Age 35
  • Has: Hair & Beard
  • Job: Barber Intern of Beardsgaard
  • Kid: 1 Newborn

Sean is one of our newest barbers, and also a new dad, his first son being born in late 2018. Little dude looks exactly like him, but with a lot less beard.

Being a man with a lot of hair for the taming, Sean needs the heavy hitter products that get the job done and keep it done all day, because parents of newborns don’t have time for wimpy products.

Dad O’The Afternoon

Beardsgaard Barbers
  • Beardsgaard Barbers
    Age 35
  • Has: Beard But No Hair
  • Job: Barber Owner of Beardsgaard
  • Kid: 1 Middle Schooler

Tyler has been at this dad thing for a while, with his only daughter now larger than at least one of our barbers, parenting is a whole new ballgame.

(Luckily?) he doesn’t have a lot of hair to keep him busy these days, but beards and skin still require some care, and as a person who gets all up in people’s personal space, he likes to keep himself smelling fabulous. Tyler is a dad who is all about well-rounded scents and well-made keepsake tools.

Dad O’The Evening

Beardsgaard Barbers
  • Beardsgaard Barbers
    Age 67
  • Has: Hair But No Beard
  • Job: Vintage Tech Wizard
  • Kids: 2 Adults + 3 Grandchildren

After 60+ seasons of holidays have come and gone, and especially since he discovered internet shopping, Blademaiden’s ageless vampire father is really hard to buy for. When his children asks him what he wants for any given holiday, his answer is “paisley socks” or “something cool.” Like many dads, he’s a great one, but useless on gift ideas.

While he was an electric razor and Old Spice aftershave user for decades, one of his daughters becoming a barber with access to all the good stuff has given him a taste for the finer things – including the most comfortable hoodie we could find anywhere in the realm.

Online orders placed by noon on Tuesday, June 11th come with guaranteed delivery for Father’s Day, but your friendly neighborhood barbershop is here for your last minute gifting until Saturday, June 15th at 5 pm!

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