Booking v Queuing Software – Which is Right For Your Store?

Barbering is booming, with customers finally realising the importance of barbers who compete on quality over just price. But with new shops opening on every corner, how can make sure you stand out?


You’ve heard of booking software, but one possibly unfamiliar piece of tech is queuing software. We assessed both options to help you decide what’s right for you.


Booking Software


Nearcut and Booksy are both booking apps, these allow customers to find a shop and book a haircut at a certain time.






You can organise your day, plan breaks, and reduce errors compared to offline booking systems.




You’ll be familiar with customers ringing to book interrupting a cut, software helps avoid this.




Customers can be booked in for another cut as soon as they leave your store, making their return more likely.





  • Lose “right here, right now” customers:


London’s busiest streets host 10,000 pedestrians per hour, that’s a lot of potential customers! Providing only bookings loses you customers who don’t plan haircuts.




You are required to commit to doing haircuts several days or weeks in advance, losing your freedom for spontaneous days off and holidays.



  • Late Customers and No Shows:


Customers often turn up late or don’t arrive, losing you money and delaying other appointments.


Queuing software


With queuing apps like BarberQ, users can find your shop, queue via smartphone and come into the store when it’s their turn.





  • Capture Casual Customers:


Queuing software works with walk-ins, suiting customers who want their haircut that day.



  • Access a New Customer Base:


BarberQ provides a platform with 1000s of customers where shops are listed on a map, driving more customers to your store.




Customers queue on the day and you can close your queue whenever you like, so you can take that last minute holiday while also still planning your day.




Show off your work and get ratings. BarberQ gives stats on which days are busiest, lets you upload your cuts, and track number of cuts across multiple stores.






Although it works for everyone, the app works best for busy stores.




The first fortnight requires some effort as customers download the app, but within 2 weeks customers are up and running and you won’t look back!


The Final Verdict

Software can revolutionise your shop and bring in thousands in extra revenue. If you have a busy shop then queuing software can get you more customers, more regulars and help plan your day. BarberQ’s first partner shop is making £380 extra per barber per month compared to before the app.

If your shop is quiet and you’re just looking for something to organise your day then a booking system may be a better fit.

BarberQ is offering a 3 month free trial for all readers. To get more info or book a demo please email, or visit and enter your email.


Which Software is Best For Me?

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