Full Crew Full Hearts (Again)

A few years ago, Beardsgaard found itself in the position of bringing on five new staff members at the same time. Three were barbers from around the country, one local barber, and if memory serves, at least one Shopkeep.

In an industry where there are not enough barbers to go around, we had somehow found ourselves with enough to fill the chairs, and all was well. Years down the road, we finally got to expand to five chairs, which we never could have imagined when we first put this shop together. It was time to fill the place up again.

No, we did not adopt a goat. This is our contractor’s goat. We were just borrowing it.

Now that’s done, but much like the last time we expanded quickly, it is a feat to onboard this many new people at once.

While last time three of the four new barbers were long experienced and all were fully licensed, only two of the four new barbers to start since the beginning of the year are – the other two are incredibly promising barber student interns who may already be familiar to long time visitors to the Realm. There is also another Shopkeep, because of course there is.

Meet them all below. We’re working on all the new About Pages, it’s going to take a minute.

Lola • Staff Barber • Started with us as a Licensed Barber Apprentice in January, promoted to a full Staff Barber in April

Kate • Licensed Barber Apprentice • Started mid May

Sean • Barber Student Intern • Started in April, expected to graduate and be a full time Licensed Barber Apprentice by July.

Sean • Barber Student • Joey is married to barber Amanda, has been a Shopkeep here for years, and will soon be on his way to the chair as an Intern. He is expected to graduate and be a full time Licensed Barber Apprentice by September

Parker • Shopkeep • Started mid May

Give ’em the old Weirdsgaard Welcome next time you spot them in shop!

Except Joey, he’s been here for years and it would be weird.

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