B.C. Ferries adds 1.5 per cent fuel surcharge to most sailings

In reaction to record-high fuel prices, B.C. Ferries will be adding a 1.5 per cent fuel surcharge to most of its routes beginning June 1.

The 1.5 per cent surcharge translates to a 25 cent hike for an adult passenger and 85 cent increase for a vehicle travelling between the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.

B.C. Ferries vessel Queen of Capilano enroute between Bowen Island and Horseshoe Bay. B.C. Ferries is adding a fuel surcharge to most sailings.

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The standard fare for an adult passenger travelling between Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island is currently $17.20. It’s another $57.50 to drive your vehicle onto a ferry.

The surcharge will add an extra 15 cents for an adult and 45 cents for a vehicle on the ferry service’s shorter inter-island routes.

“We now have five vessels operating on liquefied natural gas, a cleaner and less expensive fuel source than the ultra-low sulphur diesel we use for our other vessels. LNG is approximately 50 per cent less expensive than diesel, and its use result in fuel savings that are passed on to our customers,” Mark Collins, B.C. Ferries’ president and CEO said in a release.

“Despite fuel switching and other initiatives to burn fuel more efficiently, a fuel surcharge is now necessary. Fuel is our second largest expense. We know that the affordability of travel is important to our customers, and we will continue to take measures to reduce our fuel consumption further through the introduction of diesel-electric battery hybrid vessels.”

B.C. Ferries says the fuel surcharge will not be added to the Port Hardy-Prince Rupert, Prince Rupert-Haida Gwaii or the Port Hardy–Central Coast routes.
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