bitchy | Lori Loughlin ‘has been in complete denial & thought maybe she could skate by’

As we discussed this week, Lori Loughlin turned down a plea deal and ended up getting indicted for more crimes. On Monday, it looked like Lori could possibly be facing two years in prison. By Wednesday, the new indictments came down and she could be facing more than 20 years in prison if convicted. For weeks now, I’ve become convinced that Lori truly believed that she could simply treat “federal charges of bribery, tax fraud and money laundering” as a PR crisis which could be solved with autograph signings outside of the courthouse and anonymous quotes to People Magazine about how churchy she is. Life comes at you fast, though.

First, People Magazine had a lengthy story about how Lori and Mossimo Giannulli were in serious denial. When federal prosecutors offered them a deal which would have had them doing 18-24 months in jail, sources said: “They weren’t ready to accept that. They’re really not seeing how serious this is.” Now that they refused the deal and have gotten indicted a few more times, sources say: “They decided to roll the dice and it may have been a bad gamble. Now they’re in worse shape than before.” People Magazine also had a story about how, yeah, the prosecutors want all of the parents to serve jail sentences. The source said: “They want to send a clear message, and that message includes jail time. Prosecutors know this is a high profile case and they want to make an example of the defendants.” The only way to avoid a jail sentence is a not guilty verdict at trial, and prosecutors stress that they have a mountain of evidence against Lori and Mossimo. Then E! News chimed in with an exclusive that had many of the same details:

For awhile, as Lori rattled around the 12,000-square-foot spread they first snapped up for nearly $14 million in 2015, she was able to keep the worst of the “what ifs” at bay. Firm in her beliefs that surely she wouldn’t see the inside of a prison cell, a source tells E! News, she neglected to join the 13 parents (including fellow actress Felicity Huffman) and one university athletic coach who agreed to plead guilty to the charges of mail fraud and honest services mail fraud.

“She has been in complete denial and thought maybe she could skate by,” the source explains. “She refused to accept any jail time and thought the DA was bluffing. She was adamant she wouldn’t do any jail time.”

But without work to busy herself with—on March 14 Hallmark announced they were severing all ties with Lori, which is, perhaps, for the best considering she was forced to surrender her passport rendering her unable to travel to her series’ Vancouver sets anyway—she’s had more than enough time to stew and second guess her gut reaction.

“Lori is finally realizing just how serious this is,” says the source, noting the former child model is beating herself up for not accepting the initial deal. “She is seeing the light that she will do jail time and is freaking out.”

[From E! News]

“She refused to accept any jail time and thought the DA was bluffing. She was adamant she wouldn’t do any jail time.” First, it’s not a “DA” it’s a federal prosecutor. Second, imagine the privilege. Imagine the Becky-ness. Imagine thinking so highly of yourself and your bullsh-t “faith-based” lifestyle that the prosecutor was like “look at this sh-t ton of evidence we have against you” and saying “nah, don’t believe it, I’ll take probation thank you very much.” Lori did all of these crimes and she knows how much evidence there is. And she’s still stuck in her bubble of privilege where nothing bad would happen to a rich white lady like herself. Throw the book at her.

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