Aaaaand We’re Hiring Again

The Shopkeeps at Beardsgaard are the keepers of the shop. They man the cockpit, pilot the day, and are the difference between a shop that flows like melted butter, and a big hot mess.

Shopkeeps are, without fail, clever, kind, personable people. Midwestern hospitality is part of their very soul, no matter where they’re from. They cannot stop extolling the virtues of the things they love, whether it is their favorite TV show or hair product.

They can read a room, knowing when to step up and bolster the shop banter, and when to fade back and let the music do the talking. They expertly manage client expectations and take the lead in shop communication.

They know how to keep a dozen metaphorical plates spinning at the right speeds without letting a single one drop. They identify and solve problems before they have a chance to happen. Panic is not in their vocabulary.

Beardsgaard Barbers

One of the best reasons we can lose a Shopkeep is losing them to barber school and then to a barber chair here at Beardsgaard. That is precisely what’s happening to Shopkeep Joey.

That means it’s time to find someone to fill his weirdly big for his height shoes. We’re pretty excited on all fronts, because we’re gaining a barber, and the family’s getting bigger.

If that Shopkeep above sounds like you, maybe that’s because you’re our next Shopkeep. To apply, email your resume and cover letter to today.

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