Better Business Bureau says beware of “Vancouver-based” bikini dealer

The Better Business Bureau serving Mainland B.C. is warning consumers about Bikinishe, an online swimwear retailer with a purported address in Vancouver.

An online bikini retailer, which claims to be based in Vancouver, is the subject of a warning from the Better Business Bureau.

The BBB says it launched an investigation into Bikinishe in February after receiving customer complaints from people in 27 U.S. states.

Most of the complaints were from people who paid for merchandise that was never delivered along with lack of communication about the status orders, substandard quality merchandise when compared to what was advertised and difficulty processing returns.

The BBB says they’ve received 62 complaints against Bikinishe since the start of March.

“In our database of over 4300 businesses, Bikinishe also has the largest number of complaints received for any business in less than four weeks,” the BBB said in a release.

“While we have not yet received complaints from consumers in Canada, we anticipate this will become a problem in the next few weeks, due to the new season and warmer weather.”

The BBB says its investigation has revealed:

• Bikinishe’s Vancouver address, listed on its website as 780 West Pender Street, is fake;

• there is no telephone number or live chat feature on the website to allow consumers to speak directly with a representative for the business;

• and customers are given just 15 days to return their purchases but emails to customerservice@bikinishe.com go unanswered, resulting in customers being unable to receive a return/exchange form within the 15 day return period.

Due to the “alarming complaint activity” and lack of response from the business, the BBB says it has given Bikinishe an F rating.


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