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Alex is supposed to be trying to win Juliette back on ‘Siesta Key,’ but in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the March 26 episode, Chloe drops a bombshell that could REALLY end the relationship for GOOD.

Chloe Trautman is known as the ‘pot-stirrer’ on Siesta Key, and in the upcoming March 26 episode, she has information that could REALLY blow things up! In the EXCLUSIVE sneak peek above, Chloe meets up with Cara Geswelli and shares what she’s learned — Alex Kompothecras has been sending shocking messages to an ex. The ex, who is not named, sent Chloe the messages herself. In the texts, Alex tells the ex that he “still loves [her] way too much” and begs her to pick up his phone calls. “Are you scared to see me or something?” he writes. “Please pick up. I will always love you.”

The ex told Chloe that she wanted to send her the texts as a courtesy since she knows Chloe is friends with Juliette Porter. “Even though Juliette and Alex aren’t technically together right now, he’s supposed to be ‘fighting for her back,’” Chloe explains. “It’s only been a week or so and that’s what he’s texting somebody late at night?!” Juliette dumped Alex earlier this season after arriving at his house and finding two girls in his bed. He insisted he didn’t cheat on her, and was just letting the ladies sleep off a night out at his house, but Juliette’s friends are NOT convinced that he’s being truthful.

It’s no secret that Alex is Juliette’s kryptonite, though, and everyone has been worrying that she’ll still decide to take him back. However, at the end of the preview above, Chloe tells Cara that she has another bombshell. “I really think this information could be the end of Alex and Juliette,” she admits. “Wait until you watch the video…you’re going to DIE!”

Cara has a shocked expression on her face as she watches the footage on Chloe’s phone, but we’ll have to wait until the episode airs on March 26 at 9:00 p.m. on MTV to find out what the clip reveals!

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