Tiny Harris Gushes Over Her And T.I.’s Kids, King And Heiress And The Photo Of Her Son Worries Some Fans

Tiny Harris shared a couple of photos with her and Tip’s kids, King Harris and Heiress Harris. Fans are gushing over the cute kids, but it seems that something in King’s pic worries some followers. Take a look at the photos below.

‘Both a product of the 👸🏽My King @the_next_king10 & My Heir @heiressdharris #Drip Out everywhere #RoyalCollectionByHeiressHarris www.piggypaint.com #FamilyHustle #PrettyHustle 🙏🏽👑❤️💜 📸cred: @giftedtalents’ Tiny captioned her post.

Someone gushed over Heires and said ‘Look at this lil lady!!! Always got her purse!!! Sooo love her!!🙌🏾💕’

Another follower seemed concerned about King and said ‘The leather necklace scares me what if someone chokes him?’ while one fan wrote ‘King looks pretty scary with all that on his neck, no shade.’

Someone else praised Tiny after not too long ago haters disrespected her: ‘@majorgirl you are the epitome of grace and class! Amazing mother and example for all of your kids which is why they are destined for greatness. Your family and the work ethic you all have…Goals all day every day!’

One fan also gushed over Tiny and said ‘You’re you’re beautiful, and you’ve got a beautiful and wonderful family and you are an amazing Queen, Wife, and Mother. Fuck what any haters have to SAY. A’SE’

A supporter said ‘Walk that walk GORGEOUS. Don’t allow ANYONE to tell you your not beautiful. Body, Soul & Mind! Believe Dat! @majorgirl 💯💪🏾’

A while ago it was reported that T.I.’s son is on his way to becoming a colossal rapper, that’s for sure. Considering the huge success he had with his first performance, this is undeniable.

Both of King’s parents are really proud of their young man, and they made sure to post lots of pics and videos in his support on their social media accounts.


Tiny also asked her fans and followers to support King and his music.

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