Dangerously Funny, A Comedy Reality TV Show Starring Jimmie Lee

Jimmie Lee-The Jersey Outlaw, Comedy Reality TV Star, hits the jackpot in Vegas with hit comedy TV show, Dangerously Funny.

Pandemonium and Mayhem, No Holds Barred, Uncanny, Unpredictable, Zany and Purely Entertaining !

Jimmie Lee – The Jersey Outlaw and his hit comedy reality TV show, “Dangerously Funny”, has recently filmed in Las Vegas . Jimmie and The Bandito Girls took to the streets in Sin City and delivered high octane over the top street comedy that caught everybody off guard. The Jersey Outlaw has branded with his unique brand of street comedy that incorporates ad lib, off the cuff and uncensored skits that are hilarious. It’s pure pandemonium and mayhem, no holds barred, uncanny, unpredictable, zany and purely entertaining when Jimmie hits the streets. Lock the doors and call the cops, Jimmie Lee has arrived.

Jimmie took to the streets of Vegas, including stops to The Strip, Boneyard Museum, Fremont Street and more. The Outlaw absolutely kept all his fans on the edge of their seats, with his dynamic persona and delivered one liners, zingers, insults and more. Nobody was safe and everyone was a target, and Jimmie hit the bulls eye.

Dangerously Funny is now rated one of the hottest comedy shows on reality TV and Amazon Prime. Jimmie’s comedy TV show has taken him all over the country, including stops to South Beach, Las Vegas, Beverly Hills, London, Atlantic City, New York, and more. Planned venues this year include New York City, Comic Con, Atlantic City, Hollywood, and more.

Jimmie Lee is the talk of the town in Hollywood, and press and media keep asking The Outlaw the secret for the show’s success. “I am doing something very unique and different that people aren’t doing anymore; old school comedy 80s style that’s politically incorrect, plus I do it on the streets to the unknowing public so it catches everyone off guard, its very high energy and very captivating”.

Jimmie’s comedy is an old school Vegas style, that combines elements of Rickles, Dangerfield, and Red Foxx, with a unique style and smooth delivery with some Jersey attitude. He has been performing since 2013 and has performed stand up in major clubs throughout the country,

The Jersey Outlaw is definitely a character and goes to extremes to entertain and keep everybody on the edges of their seats. The kids’ got charisma and a touch of old school class. In this crazy world of entertainment, the Garden State can take pride to one outlaw of a good nature and that is Jimmie Lee and he’s one of a kind.

For more on Jimmie Lee, go to Jimmie Lee-The Jersey Outlaw- YouTube Channel, Facebook- Jimmie Lee-The Jersey Outlaw and Instagram– realjerseyoutlaw.

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